Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt block kits are now available!  Color palette #2 was the most popular!

The raffle quilt is going to be a paper pieced pineapple log cabin quilt with a modern layout

Each packet contains the 2 paper piecing templates, fabric for two blocks and a picture of what the blocks should look like.  (Please not that the actually blocks have two dark colors strips, two medium color strips and two, not one like in the picture, light color strips.

Each packet requires a $10 deposit and when the finished blocks are returned you get $6 back!!

For those of you who already have packets here are a few quick tips to make your piecing go more smoothly:

Half blocks shown most packets do not contain half blocks

  • Trace the lines from the paper piecing template to the backside of the paper.  This will help you line up your fabric pieces before sewing.  This can be done with a light box or is you don't have one a computer screen, tablet or window.  If you tape your template up remember to remove the tape after your done tracing so that it doesn't get melted by the iron.  Another tip is to write the block code on the front of the template before you begin so there is not confusion during construction or after completion which block it is.
  • Layout your pieces before starting.  Each full block requires four sets of background pieces and four sets of "colored" pieces.  In some cases the color pieces are the same as the background fabric these sets are pinned together to avoid confusion.  If you layout your pieces as shown below you can keep track of which "round" is next.  It's also a good idea to mark your template ahead of time so you can keep track of what is a colored or background round.  Remember to follow your block's picture.  Some blocks are directional, especially those with more negative space in the end your block should look like the picture with one extra layer of the lightest color.

  • Cutting a template for a half block.  Some of the packets contain half blocks.  These require that you first cut the template.
    • First find the center of your block.  You can either mark this or just note it.

    • Cut 1/2" from the center.

    • Finally cross off the piecing lines in the seam allowance that won't be used.

    • After your template is cut, piece as normal.  Each half block requires two color sets and three background sets.
  • Don't panic!  Mistakes happen the one below happened to me twice.  If you make a mistake pick the stitches from the fabric side of the block and remove the thread gently. We want this to be fun not frustrating so if you get confused set the project aside and bring it to any of the sew days in April, May or June.  

  • If your packet is missing pieces we apologize.  Every effort was made to cut and count exactly what was needed but sometimes it just wasn't enough.  If you don't want to wait until sew day for your replacement piece please contact the guild via our email.  inmodquiltguild@gmail.com, Facebook or the contact form on this site and we will try to arrange getting the piece to you.

I hope that these tips will help you in making your block for our raffle quilt!


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