Open Leadership Positions

As we approach the end of 2016 it's time to start thinking about the new year and for our guild that means new leadership opportunities.  Open positions include executive positions, board of directors and committee heads.  See below for the descriptions of all the open positions:

Board of Directors

  • In good standing for the past year with good attendance
  • Know Bylaws
  • Annually review and amend bylaws at January Newbies Board Meeting
  • Vote on guild officers and committee chairladies, guild matters, finances, etc.
  • Unbiased conflict resolution  

Vice President of Communications

  • Social Media
  • Oversee Welcome committee
  • Be in contact with/find venues we could use for activities
  • Solicit shops for donations, space availability, sponsorship with President
  • Keep local shops informed of our activities and keep them stocked with brochure

Vice President of Programs

  • BOM
  • Raffle
  • Organize retreats and art collaborations
  • Organize games, swaps and surveys
  • Oversee fundraiser (raffle) Committee
  • Research/find guests and speakers,prices, travel, lodging, drafts contract


  • Meeting minutes
  • Maintain current member info
  • Keep calendar current-update social media
  • Photo document sew and tell and sew day meetings


  • Manage money like a Boss
  • Have quarterly reports available at board meetings
  • Report taxes to MQG

Committee Heads - One person may hold more than one position:

Food coordinator

  • Purchase (through treasurer) supplies. flatware, silverware
  • Post food ideas and whose got what list to Social media
  • Gather/appoint people to set up/tear down


  • Keep books, patterns, and supplies.
  • Have digital file available on social media (through VPC)


  • Be in contact with quilt(s) receiver. Find needs/wants
  • Work with VPP on project ideas and asking shops to collaborate (donate)
  • Prepare supplies list; review with treasurer


  • Be appointed on the spot at meetings to: Welcome new faces & Have information and forms ready to hand out

If you are interested if any of these positions and would like to place your name in for the running please submit your name and a brief statement on why you are a good fit for the position to or by using the contact form on the right of this page before November's business meeting on November 12th.  Thank you in advance for considering offering your time and talents to our guild.


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