Pineapple blocks need to come home, please let them come home

We have made it to The Final Countdown (cue some wicked synth)

Now that you have that song running through your head, we need to talk about the progress of the Pineapple raffle quilt. The deadline to return your blocks is next sew day.

Saturday June 17th, at the Moran Prairie Library from 9-2.

Notice that I said the blocks are due back. Not the finished blocks, not the show-worthy blocks, not the super-awesomesauce-how-in-the-world-did-you-get-your-seams-so-perfect blocks. All I said was that your blocks are due. If that means you didn't get a chance to finish one or both of your blocks, please don't stress! We have ladies, armed with machines and thread, ready to pick up where you left off. We've got your back sisters. Life gets busy in ways we often don't anticipate. Or perhaps your sew-jo left you the past few months. I've been there! We just need the fabric and patterns back. We'd rather have some piecing to do, then a hole to try to fill, or worse a way smaller quilt because we are rows too short.

Again, please bring your blocks, in whatever state of completion, to the June sew day. If you aren't able to make it to the June sew day (because sunshine!) please get in touch (email, FB, texting one of the board members) and we'll work out an alternative plan to get the packets back.


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