It's time to challenge yourself!

Calling all members to the Mini Quilt Challenge

First off, we have a booth this year at the WSQ show! It will be a great opportunity to let the greater quilt community know we are here! Perhaps we'll have a chance to encourage other curious quilters to give INMOD a try. With that in mind, we want to have a striking visual representation of what Modern Quilting is all about! Instead of having a hodgepodge of modern quilts on display, we thought it would be fun to tile our booth with modern mini's. We can show the range of what modern can be, and demonstrate how to have fun with solid fabrics.

So, this brings us to the Mini Quilt Challenge. We want each of those tiles to be a 20x20 inch modern mini quilt. We will all be using two fabrics (tan and pink) plus one color of your choice. The choice color can also be split into shades. So for example if you pick green to go with your block, you can put in multiple shades of green if that is best for your design.

The tan and pink will be available from the guild. There is a $5 deposit, but that is 100% refunded when you turn in your mini! Remember, this isn't a money making venture for the guild, but we need to make sure we get them back, otherwise we'll have a sad sad display. We want to raise awareness for our Guild. Have fun with the design! All entries are due back to the Guild by the first weekend of October, they can be turned into any one of the board members (just email us for the closest drop point). After the WSQ show, all mini's will go back to their creators, so please label them!

Fabric will be available at July Sew Day. 4pm-9pm at the Moran Prairie Library. If you can't make it, get in touch with us and we'll get you some of the fabrics. Aren't they delicious?


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